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So, I guess I've been pretty neglagent about posting journals, sorry. So Here's whats going on in my life right now:

I'm almost back to school and am kinda dreading it. It'll be good for me, but I'm not going to like the loss of time to spend with my closer friends. Tomorrow I have to get a physical at 6:30pm (wtf?) and work and stuff. I can't remember my work schedual since it just changed back to my normal one. I'll post it when I get it memorized.

On tuesday the 17th I go back to school, 8am-3pm ick. My back really hurts right now, chels said my lower back looked swollen, but I'm not sure about that, perhaps I should check it out myself. My knee seems to be a little better, instead of aching constantly I just get sudden spurts of stabbing burning swelling tightness in them, thats better isn't it?

Me and my brother have been toying around with the idea of buying a Joe Brown franchise from our owner Marc. The place makes tons of money and we both know the business pretty well now. It would be cool owning our own business at 19 and 21.

Peanut, my heart goes out to you, although I don't know the details yet, I'm willing to do anything to help you ease the pain.
Chels, you're just crazy lol. But really, I hope your homework isn't giving you too much trouble, It sucks that your parents wont let you out till its done.
Everyone else, I still think of you, it's just that I'm kinda narrow minded sometime, you still mean lots to me ^_^.

Oh and btw, music from Chrono Trigger roxorz!
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