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New record

Hallow! Haven't blogged in a while neener. So last sunday was my birthday, it was ok for about an hour or so, otherwise it was pretty boring. I got a new mountain bike that hopefully is good enough quality that it wont break anytime soon, but its already doing something weird. So today i was bored and was in portland at like 7:30am and thought, "hey Im going to ride my bike home." So I did. Over the Sylvan hills and down through cedar hills and most of beaverton. It took about 3 hours to do, Im really happy about it. I know its a distance record for me. Anyways, I start school next week so go me! I hope that goes well to, along with life in general. Right now Im in the best overall mood and have the best outlook on life that Ive had in three years. Life seems to be treating me well, and with some luck and hard work, I hope it stays that way. Cheerio for now!
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